Sonata :: 100% Pinot Noir.  Sonata derives from the 1.2 acre motif vineyard at Carmody McKnight.

All the significant soil types of the world’s renowned vineyards, especially the Burgundy Grand Cru, flourish in these vineyards. Limestone is key to Pinot Noir greatness, proven over the centuries. Sharing the same clone (but unlike Romanee-Conti, motif remains on its own natural root!), Sonata is an homage to Romanee-Conti, the world’s most expensive wine and arguably the finest.

Besides limestone, experts point to the fact that the Romanee-Conti vineyard contains the wonder soil — calcium montmorillonite… the reason for its supremacy. The other vineyard in the world possessing the wonder soil? Motif!

The vineyards at Carmody McKnight go further with a back-yard volcano guaranteeing the most mineral and nutrient rich of soils — prodigious terroir for the perfect Pinot Noir. 

A few miles from the Big Sur coast, these high-elevation vineyards, anomalously, enjoy more days of sun than any area in California, allowing complete and extended maturation. Over a 24-hour period it s also the coolest area in the Central Coast.