The opulent complexity of the estate wines of motif derives from ancient cataclysmic events that contributed to the most profound arrangement of soils and strata to ever occupy a vineyard. 

Mt. Ignees (pictured above) erupted twenty-six million years ago, spilling out its fiery magma, endowing the vineyard with the most complex and mineral-powerful soils on earth.  Amazingly, Mt. Ignees is one of three volcanos within the property lines of the vineyard.  This magma miracle exists in no other vineyard on earth.

The richest wines derive from from the richest soils, sustainably farmed. Only then do we experience nature’s natural, intrinsic flavors, not dependent on manipulation and heavy oak intrusion.

Terroir is patience, not convenient and clever winemaking tricks that haunt the majority of wine now prevelant in the marketplace.  Motif captures the tectonic forces of geology in a glass!