m    o    t    i    f   ~   S o u l   o f   t h e   V i n e y a r d 

The wines of Motif are the masterwork of the vineyard and the inspired winemaker, reflecting the sublime sense of place and a testament to individuality and creativity. Motif never diffuses varietal characteristics by co-blending to “improve” the wine. The Chardonnay Encore, Cabernet Franc Interlude and the Pinot Noir Sonata are always 100% the varietal.  

Motif is dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect vineplants in the perfect row in the perfect vineyard and painstakingly hand-crafted, which occurs only with limited production.  Motif reveres the majesty of the land, practicing true sustainability at a level imposssible in any other known vineyard.  And we are one of the rarest of all… the vines are nearly three decades old and, for certain, not genetically mutated hybrids!

There is simply no vineyard in the world that matches the consummate viticulture and the perfect micro-climates of motif vineyards. Motif is the epitome of the Natural Wine which begins with native yeasts in the natural winery, not one single unnatural or chemical addition… or any manipulation in the winemaking process, and certainly no filtering or fining.  
Un-manipulated is not a clever marketing term… it is the essence of motif.